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About Us

About Us is an online retailer, currently stocking over 60 designs of football t-

shirts from national and club teams from every continent of the world. Our objective is

simple – “To satisfy our customers”. Here at Shopempire we pride ourselves on

customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, the customers are the ones that can make

or break a business.

The Owner and Founder of Shopempire, loves business and football, thereby

combining the two.

Hence, our first product range is football related. We hope with your

support to go a long way and for to be a success. We are thrilled that

you have chosen to join us on the start of something amazing. At the end of the day it’s

all out of our mutual passion for the beautiful game, isn’t it.

We hope you have a delightful and a fantastic shopping experience! It’s crucial to

us that our users and visitors have the best possible user experience when it

comes to online shopping; that means having a simple, enjoyable and a swift

shopping experience! We are constantly looking to better SHOPEMPIRE whether

that is a change in setup, interface or any other additional options we can add or

create! Your feedback is important to us, it’s all everything that matters.

Feel free to reach us by email at or through any of

our Social Media platforms for any questions, inquiries, comments or feedback!


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